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I Am Yours by Aja
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“I Am Yours” by Aja starts with a sex scene before you even get to know who the woman in the book is or what, if you get my drift. I quickly become extremely frustrated with the character’s back-and-forth behavior. Amara’s actions tell me she’s a runner and the makings of a seemingly predictable storyline. To make sure the reader doesn’t run the author cleverly pulls a switcheroo by making her an unwilling party. You wonder if the author wants you to know it’s her hero in the story she has to convince to stay or leave.

As crazy as Amara drives you, she starts to grow on you even though she clearly takes things too far. But you start to understand her after awhile even if you don’t like her approach to love. Her reluctance to get with Noah, a man you can feel how deep he is into her heart, goes from a borderline romantic comedy to a nail-biting cliffhanger.

The author showcases her writing skills and style by telling the story the way her character wants it written, frustration and all. For example, when Amara reaches out to Noah in Chapter One you’re not sure of what she wants from him or if it’s just a business call for her. You get the feeling that she doesn’t know at the time that the call really is for him.

As the story unfolds you start to sympathize with her and understand the reason for all her emotional issues. At the same time it becomes crystal clear that Amara’s heart is going to come back to Noah, and it all happens with a call. It becomes the turning point when she realizes her need. Poor Noah has had his heart broken many times messing around with Amara. But his pain teaches him something about himself that you see later on as the story develops.

Then there’s Keith (i.e.; her safety net, her comfort and “maintenance” man.) You find yourself wondering if you want her to end that empty relationship or keep it going. But after the car incident, the “I’m breaking up with you” dinner, and the lackluster chance at intimacy all make clear where things are going between these two. Now Amara’s has the dilemma of ending the relationship without causing any more damage than she already has to another heart. On the other hand, Keith knows she’s not that into him and should end it himself.

The thing I like most about Graves’s book, and I think other readers like you will too, is that the story is no typical romance novel. I don’t know if the author set out to write something different, but the appeal to me is that she tells the tale of love from a perspective like none I’ve ever read. Even when things get messy her protagonist prevails in the most difficult situations you can imagine.

Aja is refreshing, and she offers the same in “I Am Yours.” I strongly believe that readers will find the story very satisfying! It’s a definite must read!

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  1. i was just going through book recommendations and this one seems to have caught my attention. your review seems to be doing justice to the book which makes me want to read it all the more