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Kill Mary Jane DoeKill Mary Jane Doe by Nicole Dunlap
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Open “Kill Mary Jane Doe,” by Nicole Dunlap, and meet Mary Jane. In this psychological thriller MJ winds up with a case of amnesia … she doesn’t know who she is. The story comes to life when shots rang out and guns are pointing in Mary Jane’s direction. She’s running from a two-timing dirty rat named Jake who pretends to be a friend, now trying to pin a murder on her she didn’t commit. He and his thug buddy, Lyle, chase her down in a stolen Corolla she was driving and rams her right smack into a police cruiser. This happenstance isn’t the lucky break she thinks because the Chief of Police wants her dead, but why?

“Kill Mary Jane Doe” is a cleverly crafted story woven into a web of lies and deception. The book keeps you wondering about its characters relationship to each other, and what the heck they’re all up to. For one, does Mary Jane really have a twin sister named Asia, and are the flashbacks of Asia really about Mary Jane’s life in Malaysia? Then what is the strange relationship between Jake (an underbelly of society) and Officer Daniels about? Are they involved in some diabolical scheme reeking havoc on everyone around them? And that Jacob Woods is a holy terror. He grew up in a militia household, half Iranian and half Italian. Even worse, he’s a bloodthirsty psychopath who killed a lot of people including children without batting an eye. Beasley, the ultimate bad guy, surprisingly adds a very interesting dimension to the story that I actually enjoyed reading.

This book is good! “Kill Mary Jane Doe” will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters jump off the page and challenge readers to understand and figure out the complex psychology of the “who-why” that unfolds before your very eyes. And if you grasp the emotional dynamics of what’s going on, you’ll find some humor too.

If you enjoy reading a book with an exciting plot, I highly recommend reading “Kill Mary Doe.” You won’t be disappointed!

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