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Rowena's KeyRowena's Key by A.J. Nuest
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What was AJ Nuest thinking when she wrote Rowena’s Key? I believe she was thinking, “I’m going to dazzle my readers!”

Rowena buys a ghastly armoire. This was an epic failure for her. But there’s something to this pricey, old, broken-down, ratchet piece of furniture that drove her to drink down big gulps of Pinot Grigio. Rowena learns quickly this is no ordinary armoire. And when Prince Caedmon appears in the other side of the mirror, brandishing a sword and dressed like a centuries-old Robin Hood, Rowena thinks her friend Oliver staged the whole theatrics to mock her gaudy purchase.

What’s so remarkable about this story, Prince Caedmon would be considered a dweeb by modern standards. The author gives you a chance to gander his cornball poetry, clothes, and sheer cluelessness of the humor that surrounds him. The broad humor kept me laughing at some characters and chuckling with others. Nevertheless every character is engaging, lovable and charming.

I enjoyed reading about the supernatural occurrences chock-full o’ romantic, magical moments that drew me in deeper. The imagery is so vivid it felt like I was sitting in front of screen streaming real-time video. I love how the author cleverly crafted some straight up satirical irony within the plot. What Rowena says and what is meant, and what Prince Caedmon does and what is expected is a work of brilliance.

This is a really good and fun novella! It reads like a romantic comedy, and it has all the charm of Cinderella fairy tale. Rowena and Caedmon are worlds apart, but their romantic sparks are surfing on seduction-spiked airwaves and colliding in a mad rush to become as one. Rowena finally meets a man she could see herself loving, and she wants to be the best for this gorgeous prince “forevermore,” a word she loved hearing him use.

Love romance? I highly recommend “Rowena’s Key” to romance novel lovers everywhere! This book delivers!

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