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Midnight Captive (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #2)Midnight Captive by Arial Burnz
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Bonded by Blood is a paranormal romance series that takes place in Scotland circa 1500. The characters are some hot, blood-lust vampires your imagination will ever meet. The author drifts you into a daze of darkness that goes beyond the typical in vampire stories: bloodsucking, bat morphing, daylight sleeping, cross and garlic fearing. No. The Vamsyrians are different and they eat people. They are picky eaters too. Their immortality depends on it.

Broderick “Rick” MacDougal learns this after exchanging blood with a temptress named Cordelia who turns him into a blood slave to fulfill some mysterious intentions. The mixing of blood complicates things for Rick, and I find myself sympathizing with him because of his desire to become a vampire.

Bonded by Blood unfolds like the hit T.V. show Scandal, but with vampires. You don’t know whose maniacal plan will be to your good or detriment. Veronique is a perfect example. She’s relentless in her pursuit to eliminate the heroine, Davina. Angus Campbell is another good example. He’s Rick’s nemesis and brother, and he shouldn’t be trusted with a ten-foot-pole between them.

Never thought I’d become so invested in a vampire story, but the author does an awesome job of character development. She helps you to connect with her protagonist by giving you an indication of what he’s feeling and thinking. She also lets the reader know as soon as possible what he wants. Rick’s goal is what holds the story together.

The author introduces the kind of mystery that keeps me on the edge of my seat. I love that Rick reacts. In every scene he’s revealed as visceral, emotional, physical and intellectual.

If you’re a binge reader like me, you want to get swept up in a powerfully crafted romance novel. I highly recommend Bonded by Blood Chronicles series because it will knock your socks off!

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