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Carmen DeSousa is the author of She Belongs to Me and Land of the Noonday Sun both passionate, romantic novels filled with suspense. Both books are haunting stories of facing fear. She leaves the best parts to your imagination. If you like mystery, you’ll be drawn into the drama.Check her out today on Amazon!

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Book Review:
Carmen DeSousa does an excellent job with this story. Her imagination brings the characters to life in such a way you feel as though you can reach out and touch them. Her ghostly characters pull you into the setting and give you a grand performance right before your very eyes. Take Jaynee and Jordan’s steamy romance. Jaynee wants to focus on a better life for herself, but she’s overtaken with desire for Jordan. It’ll make your temperature rise as the suspense intensifies. But, there’s a powerful secret going on and the sticky pages won’t let go of you until it’s revealed. It’s a love story filled with mystery that keeps you waiting and wanting more at every turn to see what happens next.

She Belongs to Me will knock your socks off and Jaynee's when she lays eyes on the man of her dreams. The romance is so hot and heavy that it can only pull you into the drama. You're no longer just the reader, you are now a part of the fantasy and just as desperate to find out the truth as Jordan. I couldn't contain myself while reading this intoxicating novel, full of imagery and characters who jump off the page. It's a modern day fairy tale filled with romance, mystery, suspense, and sadly, tragedy. DeSousa's characters are fictional, but their stories are real and moving. As you delve deeper into the story The only thing fairy tale about it is, the reader's desire to change the outcome. This bestseller is worth the adventure it takes you on. An excellent read!

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