Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Christine Romans is the host of Your Bottom Line and CNN's Saturday morning personal finance and lifestyle program. She reports on the economy, politics and international business for CNN's morning show. She's a best-selling author of How to Speak Money and Smart is the New Rich. Check her out today on Amazon.

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Book Review:
Smart is the New Rich by Christine Romans is undoubtedly one of the best well-written and easy-to-read books on financial matters out there. The author takes you to a familiar disastrous place, the economic situation today. Then she softens the blow by suggesting ways to avoid calamity or climb out from under the clutches of debt. Unlike other "financial freedom" books, you won't find any promise or quick fix to solve any money problems you may have. Instead, she offers sound and realistic advice about being smart about your money and expands her argument using empirical data to supports facts with few instances that lead the reader to believe otherwise. Something to have in mind before reading the book, you won't find any "how to" instructions so don't be too hasty to put the book down fast. What you will find is the concept as it relates to the "how to" manage your finances smartly. Although the book is helpful to all adults, ideally it positions young adults to manage their finances wisely, and thus, inevitably leading to wealth. By the time I finished reading the book, I was all too happy to put down anything I couldn't afford. 

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